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Ghent, Belgium - 80’s wave, killer synths, weird grooves

Self-described as “an 18 year old guy, living in Ghent”, Tobin is a humble self-starter. He studies mixed media at LUCA School of Arts and may be found mostly walking around and listening to 'Le Joli Garden' from The Misz.

His show “Non-sense 9051” is one to look out for. With a mixture of  sound recordings, weird grooves and synths, his show is one reflective of his artistic practice. 

A short interview of Tobin follows:

How long have you been DJing for and how would you describe your sound?

I actually started DJing this year, but I always had a huge interest in music. An odd sound. :—) :—) :—)

How did growing up in Belgium influence your music?

It didn't actually. Of course I'm super excited about some Belgian music from the 80's. It's really amazing what they did there. I will always use or think of some Belgian songs for radioshows or DJ-sets. It's also very inspiring, for example Jan Van Den Broeke, Unovidual, Dirk Desaever are guys I really look up to.

Who or what are you inspired by?

I get inspiration out of everything. Lately tomato cans are inspiring me, crazy colors. Walter Swennen, a Belgian painter inspires me a lot. In case of music, Scorpion Violente is really blowing my mind, it's amazing and nasty.

Is there something you try to convey in each mix?

I just love crazy, weird, odd sounds and I try to go all the way. It goes naturally, it's just the stuff I like.

Tobin Verdonck

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