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Italian-born but Berlin-based, Luca Bigote is a prolific DJ and the person behind "ritmo" night in Berlin, FMUD summer parties in Italy, the project Nostalgia Del Futuro" and "Tiella Sound", now turning into a monthly radio show.

A short interview of Luca follows:

How long have you been DJing for and how would you describe your sound?

I started djing in 2006 and all the experiences that I have accumulated over the years in cities like Rome, Barcelona and Berlin shaped my background and the way I approach dj sets. My sound? I found peace in displaying an intent to never be pinned down by genres. I love listening to a wide spectrum of music, so I like to think of my selections as a global whimsical balearic journey from Electronica ambience to all the different shades of House and beyond, sometimes going through some Disco grooves.

How did growing up in Italy influence your music?

Italy has been playing a very important role in different underground scenes (for instance italo-disco, house and techno). It's amazing what Italian artists did and are still doing in terms of diversity and quality of music that has been released. I’m from a small seaside town called Gaeta, located between Rome and Naples, so everything that happened and I could experience in those two big cities also had an impact on my music.

Who or what are you inspired by?

Definitely by more experienced artists and people, who are willing to share their stories and knowledge. That's why I often end up going out and spending time with people older than me. Aesthetically, also Luigi Ghirri and that kind of photographic style and in addition to that, of course the sea and my beloved Octopus tiella - a typical pizza pie from my hometown.

Is there something you try to convey in each mix?

It’s about how I feel in that specific moment. Most of the times, you can understand my mood based on the records that I am playing. That's the reason why Tiella Sound Radio Show will be diverse and varied, everything and nothing, a musical box of different styles. These will be mixes for emotional and passionate people.

Luca Bigote

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