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LANDZA Club - Harvey Touch & Anti Drone Squad

Show: “Enllaç amb metro 2046”

Barcelona, Spain

Ambient, IDM, Underground

LANDZA is a newborn collective trying to sum-up the fururistic, hidden sounds of the city. Built with love and passion. Self-described as “three colleagues that don’t really know what they’re doing somehow find themselves connecting sounds of the Barcelona underground.” The LANDZA collective hosts parties in Barcelona and radio shows across the world. 

How long have you been DJing for and how would you describe your sound?

The collective founders have all been DJing since our teenage era in a punk, fun-focused way. It's only recently that we want to transform this almost full-time hobby into something more serious. Some of us are more music-producing intensive, but we all mix sometimes.

How did growing up in Spain influence your music?

In massive, ineffable ways. Our collective is actually the effort of resume this influence in ourselves, to show the influence this city and this culture has had on us, and to show it the other way around how do we influence this city's culture and how this relationship is intertwined.

Who or what are you inspired by?

By everyone around us, by our friends, colleagues and family. By this city and it's club culture. We try not to demand any kind of sound or influence to our members or collaborators, their influences and soundscapes can be varied and totally polarized. We only demand a minimum of quality, effort and passion for their craft.

Is there something you try to convey in each mix?

The idea of every mix or show would be to show, to portrait a little bit of the Barcelona's underground and not-so-underground music scene (mostly electronic but anything goes). Over the year's we've got to meet a portion the net of the music apparatus of this city. Our effort with the show is to portrait this community, to show how social interaction is the main engine of music. Showing off this powerful community we can create a mighty Barcelona - Berlin link. The idea is to pick a local artist every month and try to show a little bit of this community. Hence the picked name: "Enllaç amb metro 2046", it's catalan and means "Metro-Link 2046" , showing off a little bit of catalan modern culture and how we look forward into the future of this cultural tissue.

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