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Black Patterns

Show: “Shortlands FM” 

London, UK

Techno, Jungle, Leftfield House, Experimental

Black Patterns has been producing techno/jungle/leftfield house/experimental music under a host of aliases on and off since the mid 90s. His most recent releases are a series of 12s under Snow Bone and an LP under the guise of Black Patterns through the Lobster Theremin label.

How long have you been DJing for and how would you describe your sound?

Been DJing since the mid 90s too, again, in bursts. Always been an eclectic selector drawing from a vast collection of records. Mainly focused on all strains of techno but incorporating ambient, jungle, outernational, soul, dancehall, disco, dub, soundtracks and drone.

How did growing up in the UK influence your music?

If you have any interest in underground music over the last 30+ years, it's impossible to not be inspired and influenced by the range and depth of UK based innovators - from acid house in the 80s, through the second wave of UK techno and the ambient explosion in the 90s, jungle and its subsequent mutations in the 2Ks, the longstanding appreciation of reggae and soundsystem culture and the British love of the eccentric and avant garde.

Who or what are you inspired by?

Stanley Kubrick. Photek. Martin Hannett. Can. Keith Hudson. Moodymann. Basic Channel. Iain Banks. Phonica. Akira Kurosawa. Cabaret Voltaire. Jamal Moss. Jah Shaka. The Music & Video Exchange(Notting Hill and Greenwich.) Sun Ra. Erno Goldfinger. Robert Hood. Prince. Autechre. Honest Jons. Jeff Mills. Don McCullin. King Tubby. London. New York. Paris. Ben Wheatley. Metalheadz. Ensoniq. Elektron. Roland. Akai. Mo Wax. Terrence Dixon. Richard James. The Residents. Matteo Garone. Sounds of the Universe. Larry Heard. Blades Of Glory. Technics.

Is there something you try to convey in each mix?

For radio, I am less concerned with genre / tempo and conventional mixing parameters. I am more interested in the selections and how to blend/juxtapose styles and textures. Records that sound like they are from another dimension or tracks that you cannot work out how they were made. Or tracks that just simply make you want to get up and move!

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